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Center for Trustworthy Edge Computing Systems and Applications

TECoSA is a new Vinnova center starting on March 26, 2020. The center brings together KTH and 13 industrial partners. The aim is to provide methods, tools and theory for building safe, secure and predictable systems relying on edge computing.

Trustworthy Edge Systems

Edge computing is a new computing layer located between the devices/embedded systems and the cloud, at the “edge of the network”. Edge nodes are connected and each one can perform computations and provide storage for several devices/embedded systems. Addressing issues caused by the large amount of data generated by an ever increasing amount of connected smart devices and sensors, edge-based systems can provide low response times, relieve network capacity and enhance privacy.

Illustration edge computing
Information and feedback loops between devices and edge nodes.

Illusration TECoSA focus and impact
Challenges involved in ensuring trustworthiness properties.

What are the challenges?

Edge computing can provide a variety of benefits to applications and system operators, but its wide-scale adoption requires edge computing-based systems to be trustworthy. Trustworthiness itself requires predictability, safety and security. TECoSA addresses the challenges involved in ensuring these trustworthiness properties, both for the edge computing infrastructure and for the applications and services served by the infrastructure.

Focus areas